The installation of every Lanemark combustion system not only gains from equipment design and specification, but also from the skills and capabilities of our highly trained engineers.

As a result, every facility benefits from a proven procedure which takes full account of key operational objectives –

  • Energy conservation, advice and survey – to optimise energy consumption, we can evaluate current fuel consumption against projected future usage.
  • Health and safety guidance – to ensure that every installation meets ever more rigorous health and safety obligations.
  • Risk assessments and method statements – encompassing the provision of detailed analysis that accommodates all aspects of an installation including mechanical and electrical systems in new, relocated or modified process heating facilities.
  • Heat exchanger design and supply – critical to every facility, the BurnerCare survey ensures that equipment specification and installation techniques are optimised to achieve efficient process heating results.
  • Mechanical and electrical installation – often key to risk assessments and method statements, both new and modified plant installations gain from our extensive experience in this field which also draws on close liaison with a range of suppliers to ensure the best and most up-to-date technology is utilised.
  • Design and installation of electrical controls – invariably central to efficient operation, Lanemark BurnerCare brings extensive experience in a wide range of application environments to each installation project to ensure that control systems match exact operational requirements in terms of both process results and operational efficiency.Gas train upgrades and replacements – where required, Lanemark experience and expertise enables us to design and install gas train configurations that match each application requirement whilst accommodating specific applications needs.
  • Gas flow meters – supplied and installed to suit each application, either as a display upon the meter or complete with an output facility for plc monitoring.

Download the BurnerCare data sheet here.