Petrochemical Plant Burners

Lanemark is proud of its leading position as a supplier for over 35 years of burner systems for the oil and gas, hydrocarbon processing, petrochemical and chemical process industries – all of which are challenging industrial environments. Our worldwide capability encompasses key processes that employ fired-heaters such as steam methane reformers (SMR) for hydrogen/methanol/ammonia, ethylene cracking, ethylene dichloride cracking (EDC) and single/double cabin fired-heaters for general oil and gas processing.

Our reputation has been built on a commitment to flexibility in product design and high quality manufacturing that deliver reliable and effective performance while meeting national and international emission requirements. Close working relationships with every customer extend from full technical evaluation and data analysis, site survey/data gathering and full scale burner firing tests to quality controlled manufacturing, fully supported supervision of burner installation, commissioning and long term spares and service support.

Research and development has always been at the heart of Lanemark’s success and is clearly seen across our range of burner designs. An ongoing focus on a number of factors ranging from optimising burner performance and flue gas emissions, durable material selection, application of protective coatings, utilising the latest manufacturing processes, to a continual staff development programme all contribute to our ability to stay at the leading edge of burner system technology. This not only sees improvements to existing products but also development of new products and process applications all of which derive from our full scale product testing programmes.

Lanemark’s capability is demonstrated by its long established record in the supply of burner systems for new plant, retrofit, upgrade or revamping projects. In all instances, clear focus is on satisfying the customer by meeting all the key technical and commercial performance criteria of the project, whether for a repeat or similar application to that already on our reference list, or for a new, ground-breaking and unique process application.