All Lanemark process gas burner systems are designed to provide high efficiency, excellent control characteristics and optimised environmental performance. The range of liquid, oven and air heating burners also gains from services available from Lanemark BurnerCare. Every installation – including specialist petrochemical facilities – is fully supported by Lanemark’s established international distribution and support network.

Lanemark TX series small diameter immersion tube gas fired tank heating burner systems are proven to operate in a wide range of process liquids. Seven models offer the ideal combination of burner, tubular heat exchanger, exhaust fan and control system with efficiencies typically in excess of 80% readily achieved in both new-build and retrofit applications.

Process oven and dryer heating requirements are met by the Lanemark FD series of forced-draught high turndown burners. Applications range from product finishing, fabric dryers and rotational moulding machines to grain drying and food processing facilities.

Lanemark air heating burners offer solutions to all types of air replacement and air heating requirements. In many cases, utilising the highly efficient and versatile Midco burner design, installation specifications can incorporate Lanemark MB burners or the company’s FDGA or FDB options. Additionally, the MB series is available as stand-alone burner heads either for use by OEMs or as packaged units that include control facilities, typically for implementation in air replacement duct burner installations.

Worldwide installation of Lanemark’s petrochemical burner systems provides tailored arrangements that fulfil both performance objectives and stringent emission requirements in this highly specialist sector, for applications such as ammonia reforming and ethylene cracking.