Lanemark’s extensive experience is demonstrated by a long list of installation successes in a diverse range of application environments worldwide.

Systems have been developed to meet the needs of two distinct market sectors – process heating and the petrochemical industry. In each case a comprehensive understanding of gas as an energy source combines with a detailed awareness of the needs of each industry and of both local and international regulations – not least in the case of environmental compliance.

Although installation and application needs can vary widely, the principles that underpin Lanemark’s involvement remain the same. Factors such as meeting processing objectives, physical location restrictions, fuel type selection (natural gas or propane), product handling system requirements and the interface with other production and processing stages are all addressed. The key objective each time is to ensure performance results, in terms of quality and efficiency, are optimised.

With approaching 40 years’ experience and with a dedicated, highly skilled team of system designers and engineers, customers can gain total confidence from working with Lanemark – whatever the application.