Rotational Moulding

Because rotational moulding depends upon the efficient heating of plastic polymer granules, accurate heating control is fundamental. The quality and consistency of wall thickness that needs to be achieved for each moulding is closely linked to the optimum transition of material – from powder, through liquid and then to gel. In turn, this calls for a heating system which is highly controllable and which provides excellent turndown characteristics.

The Lanemark FD burner range is well-established in this context delivering accurate heat input control at all stages of the moulding process from initial warm up to the maintenance of the required final process temperature. As new, higher specification materials are introduced this capability becomes even more important.

Offering marked benefits compared to alternative heat sources, such as electrical or radiant-based systems Lanemark’s equipment design and support service is proven in a long list of installations, meeting the precise heating needs of this specialist manufacturing sector.