Ethylene Cracking – KS

Lanemark KS burners provide the process heat for Ethylene Cracking Furnaces with side fired, horizontally mounted burners (Radiant Wall or Vertical Flat Flame type) combined with floor mounted, vertically up fired burners (Round or Flat Flame).

The burners’ stable, tightly controlled flame profile allows a wide range of typically high calorific value fuel gases such as natural gas and refinery fuel gas to be fired either on their own or in combination. Low NOx, CO and noise emissions together with high levels of turndown and flexibility ensure burner stability across the full operating range.

Burner models include configurations for the combustion air to be supplied to the burner in natural draft, induced draft or forced draft modes all at low excess air operation. In forced draft mode the combustion air can be ambient, preheated or may be supplied from a gas turbine exhaust. Burners can include manual ignition, with portable spark igniters or portable pilot as well as with fixed manual pilots, or can be supplied as fully automatic pilot burners.

The burner tip design can accommodate multiple fuel gases in either a single fuel gas system where the fuel gases are mixed upstream of the burner in any combination or as separate dual gas systems.

The KS burner range includes both fuel staged and air staged designs which result in low NOx emissions without impacting on turndown, flame stability or CO emissions. Low noise emissions result from low to medium combustion air pressure drops, the mixing properties of the burner tip and burner tile design, without employing external acoustic insulation materials.

Flame lengths and widths, which can be tailored to suit the specific furnace requirements, low excess air operation at design/normal burner loads and higher excess air, which is typically present during start up and warm standby conditions, all combine to meet site requirements.