Incorporating many of the key characteristics associated with Lanemark’s successful FDC series burners, the FDE options provide a highly cost effective solution to oven and dryer process heating application needs.

Cost effective design
Heat input range from 60 kW to 660 kW
Installation versatility
Choice of operating fuels

Lanemark FDE series offers a cost-effective alternative to the FDC units while still delivering a full range of performance benefits.

Tangible advantages in terms of lower installation costs help to meet capital expenditure objectives while operating efficiencies associated with the full Lanemark FDC series bring ongoing cost benefits throughout the operational life of every FDE installation.

Download the FDE Burner data sheet here.

ModelGas ConnectionHeat Input Range
FD5E¾”9 – 117 kW
FD5E1”9 – 220 kW
FD10E1”13 – 352 kW
FD10E1½”13 – 440 kW
FD15E1½”18 – 660 kW

Each FDE packaged burner includes:

a) Burner windbox

b) Combustion air fan

c) Manual sliding air adjustment damper

d) Compact monoblock valve gas valve train

e) Burner controls mounted on a control plate

Standard control items include a burner controller, ignition transformer and differential air pressure switch. Two 3-way air valves perform safety checks on the air pressure switch in both open and closed modes each time the burner fires, allowing the independent operation of the combustion air fan in conjunction with oven/dryer main recirculation fans.


FuelsNatural gasPropane
Control voltages230V110V
Combustion air fan electrical supplies400V/3ph/50Hz230V/1ph/50Hz
Flame sensingFlame electrodeUV
Heat output control options

Modulating (gas only) (4-20mA/0-10VDC or3 Wire 230V/110V/24V)



Product finishing

  • Pre-treatment dryers
  • Final treatment ovens for paint drying & curing
  • Conveyor and batch ovens

Textile and fabric dryers

Rotary moulding machines

Food processing

Powder and grain dryers

Lanemark FD burner system assemblies are tested prior to despatch and conform to relevant sections of either European Standard EN 746 Part 2 or the requirements of NFPA 86 for US applications.