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Romold is the UK’s leading manufacturer of plastic spill containment solutions and has been designing and producing its products for trade since 1998. Its 5200m² facility in Livingstone, Scotland, allows the company to design, develop, manufacture and stock its polyethylene products all on-site, distributing to a worldwide customer base.

Consistency and energy efficiency were the main gripes with their previous rotational moulding system: “Our old burner was very slow to warm-up, taking some 45 minutes to reach the target temperature of 260°C,” says Michael, Production Planning Manager. “In addition, heat distribution in the chamber wasn’t fully consistent which can affect the final product – something we obviously want to avoid from a reputational perspective.”

After removing the old, non-Lanemark burner, we installed a new 1,320kW-rated FD30GAN-3 from our FD air heating range, along with a combustion air fan inlet filter, control system and associated pipework upgrade. Our burner fires through the wall of a Rotospeed machine, where a multi-directional arm supporting the mould moves as part of the manufacturing process.

Improved consistency in heat distribution ultimately means a higher quality, more consistent end result, with the rotational moulding aspect of production a critical point where designs are rendered into quality usable containment products. In addition, the effects of improved efficiency on overall operating costs cannot be overlooked. “It’s a great job all-round and a big improvement on the old one,” says Michael.

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