London-based Villages Brewery was established in 2016 by brothers Archie and Louis Village. Quickly gaining a wider reputation, they now supply a broad range of pubs and bottle shops across the capital and beyond.

Our new gas process heating system at the leading Deptford micro-brewery was a key step in their move to a new facility. Villages Brewery now benefits from Lanemark combustion heating technology which plays a important role in areas such as operational efficiency and reliability.

“We installed and commissioned a liquid heating TX 25E burner package on a brewing kettle supplied by Bespoke Brewing Solutions, with whom we liaised closely throughout the project,” our Sales Manager, Adrian Cadman told us.  “This provides a capacity of 30 hl – or 18 UK barrels – and is now central to Villages Brewery’s expanded production capability.”

Villages Brewery install by Lanemark


The installation utilises the existing natural gas supply and includes an exhaust fan, damper, digital temperature controls and gas valve train – similar to many packages we have delivered across the mini- and micro-brewery sector over the years, to much success. It was installed on the external wall of the circular vessel, firing through the structure into a submerged 2½” nb. stainless steel tubular heat exchanger.

“This takes the form of a helical coil located at the base of the tank in order to deliver the optimum blend of maximum heat transfer and minimum intrusion into the available space,” adds Adrian. The exhaust fan then pulls the products of combustion through the system to optimise even distribution of heat. 

With the benefit of our proprietary TxCalc specification software, which identifies the ideal combination of system components, Villages Brewery is able to readily achieve efficiencies in excess of 80%.  This is further enhanced by low exhaust temperatures of typically 180°C, which is markedly lower than alternative systems where up to 300°C is experienced, reducing efficiency right down to a mere 50%.

Villages Brewery Lanemark TX burner


Archie Village, Director at the South-East London operation, highlights the role played by the new installation: “The facility is now central to all our brewing operations, so it is vital that it performs reliably every time,” he says.  “The overall aim of the project has been to facilitate an increase in production output while building on the high quality that is at the heart of our reputation – and the Lanemark system delivers in both respects.”

This is demonstrated by burner’s ability to rapidly raise the temperature of liquid from a starting point of 65°C to the optimum process value of 102°C in just 66 minutes.  The modulating gas and air control of the system then allows the target temperature to be maintained – of particular note in brewing applications where the need to maintain a ‘rolling boil’ is often vital for the quality and consistency of the end product.

“There has been a steady increase in the number of small brewing operations in the UK over a number of years and we have been able to develop and provide heating solutions that match both demands and goals,” says our Sales and Marketing Director, Jeff Foster.  “The benefits that are noted at Villages Brewery not only reflect this trend, but are also set to provide the brewer with a reliable platform upon which to build further success.”

For more information on how our process heating solutions can maximise efficiency and reliability in a brewing setting, click here.

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