Each Lanemark TX tank heating installation comprises a burner mounted on the outside of a process tank which fires through the tank wall into an immersed tubular heat exchanger.

Connected to the outlet of the heat exchanger is an exhaust fan that provides necessary combustion air which is pulled through the tube arrangement to achieve even heat distribution and high levels of operational effectiveness.

Choice of burner heat inputs up to 1150 kW
High efficiency levels in excess of 80%
Proven in a wide range of application environments
Customised design

Tube diameters, lengths and number of passes can all be selected to match the performance and dimensional requirements of each installation. Operating on either natural gas or propane, multiple burner systems can be connected to a common exhaust fan without sacrificing individual burner control.

Lanemark TX series tank heating burners are widely proven in a range of applications worldwide from product finishing (including metal or plastic parts, steel strip and wire production) and cleaning (for example, industrial tray washing) to food and drink production (typically, hot water tanks, mini breweries, CIP and scalders).

Download the TX burner data sheet here.

Burner ModelImmersion Tube SizeMaximum Heat Input
TX151½” (40 mm)45 kW
TX202” (50 mm)80 kW
TX25E2½” (65 mm)140 kW
TX303” (75 mm)220 kW
TX404” (100 mm)440 kW
TX606” (150 mm)730 kW
TX808” (200 mm)1150 kW

Each Lanemark TX immersion tube burner system includes

a) TX Burner assembly built to withstand typical industrial tank heating operating environments

b) Compact monoblock gas valve train

c) Burner controls mounted in a protective control panel (which can include a digital temperature controller, liquid level controller etc.)

d) Exhaust damper

e) Exhaust fan (either individual or shared for multiple TX burner installations).

FuelsNatural gasPropane
Control voltage230V/1ph/50Hz110V/1ph/50-60Hz
Fan voltage400V/3ph/50Hz230V/1ph/50Hz
Flame sensingFlame electrodeUV
Control optionsOn/off or High/low/offModulating

Product finishing

  • Metal parts, steel strip, wire products, etc.
  • Pre-treatment and treatment processes including:
    • Alkali/caustic degreasing
    • Iron, zinc or manganese phosphating
    • Hot water rinsing
    • Aluminium etching
    • Anodising
    • Borax and lime coatings
  • Dip tanks
  • Spray systems
  • Hot water supply systems


  • Industrial crate, parts or bottle washing machines

Food and Drink Production

  • Mini brewery wort copper & hot liquor tank heating
  • Hot water tanks
  • Cleaning in place (CIP) tanks
  • Animal scalding machines
  • Fruit blanchers

Lanemark TX burner system assemblies are tested prior to despatch and conform to relevant sections of either European Standard EN 746 Part 2 or the requirements of NFPA 86 for US applications.