We are pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Istanbul-based YETEN Combustion and Energy Technologies Ltd.

A well established specialist in the field of high temperature burners, they have a decades-strong reputation for providing eco-friendly solutions borne out of ongoing research, development and design – including the use of Fluent Computational Fluid Dynamics.

This partnership will allow us to increase our involvement in several metal processing areas  well as further enhance our offering.

“We’re delighted to be able to add YETEN to our list of global distributors,” our Sales Director, Jeff Foster said. “The area within which both companies have developed globally leading reputations is highly specialist so we are confident that the link between us will offer major gains to our respective customers.”

Similarly, YETEN can now take advantage of our FD (forced-draught) oven burners, TX (tank heating) and DB (duct burner) models which are employed extensively across a wide range of operations, from anodising to brewing and powder coating to food processing. Their robust test facilities are also a huge advantage in the design and manufacturing of future product enhancements and potential new lines for both parties.

As Adrian Cadman, our Sales Manager told us, “being able to make selected burners from their range available to our own market will significantly help our provision in areas such as steel and aluminium manufacturing.”
Strengthening our international relationships and expanding our reach is a strong focus of the business and something to benefit our people customers and partners alike as we evolve as an organisation. With the global metal manufacturing industry worth several trillion dollars per annum, we are keen to capitalise on the potential offered by entering distribution agreements with similarly ambitious businesses as ourselves.

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